Vastu Shastra has always been associated with prosperity and well-being in houses. Having said that, there are simple ways to make way for positivity and prosperity to enter your life by fixing Vastu in your house.

Here are some of the easy ways to fix Vastu in your house through internal alterations:

1. Decorate the Wall Facing the Entrance Door

Your entrance door is a gateway to your world; hence all good things should always start from there. If you have a blank wall facing your entrance door, decorate it with a statue or a picture of something peaceful. According to Vastu, blank walls represent loneliness, so it’s the best way to conceal it.

2. A Nameplate for Your Home

As per Vastu principles, the main door has the influence to make way for opportunities to find their way to you. Hence, it’s advisable to have a clear, readable nameplate on your main door.

3. Shoe Rack or Dustbin Outside the Main Entrance is a No-no

Always avoid placing your shoe rack or dustbin outside the main entrance. Vastu states that having them placed outside attracts negative energies.

4. Add Harmony to Your Life with Wind Chimes

The sound of a wind chime has the power to bring peace to one’s mind. Vastu recommends using wind chimes at the entrance door or in the centre of the living room. Having them placed in those places is the best way to attract positivity and suppress ill luck.

5. The bedroom is Not the Place for a TV

We all love to have a television in our bedroom but Vastu suggests it’s not wise. Televisions and computers should be ideally placed in the southeast corner of the living room or study room.

6. Banish All Mirrors from the Bedroom

Indeed, we like to preen ourselves in front of our bedroom mirrors, especially the ladies. However, according to Vastu, a mirror should not be placed in the bedroom. If not possible, one should face it away from the bed or cover it while sleeping as it depletes one’s energy.

7. Keep Your House Well Lit

Lastly, always make sure to keep your house well lit. A dark, gloomy house harbours negativity and bad luck according to Vastu.

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